I am an aspiring developer in Atlanta, Georgia

My name is Maximillian Mohammed von Briesen.
I study Computer Science at Georgia Tech and like slacklining, motorcycles,
video games, all types of music, sleep, and general survival.

I like building things

I absolutely love web development. Before coming to Georgia Tech, I worked as a developer for Skookum Digital Works, a company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. In my first year at Georgia Tech, I worked as a web-development intern at Bitpay. This summer, I'm interning at Mozilla in Mountain View, California! Creating functional applications from nothing but text is fascinating to me, so that's what I do.

But I also like making games and robots. Making cool things instead of doing homework or studying for finals is a favorite pastime of mine. Check out the blog to see some of the projects I've worked on.

Some languages and libraries I have experience with are Javascript (both frontend JS and Node), MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Python, Polymer, React, Java, and C#. Keep in mind that this list is incomplete and is constantly changing as I continue to learn.