Damn… It’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. When I was eleven or twelve, I was homeschooled for a year. I had just spent the previous year living in Dakar, Senegal with my family (a story for another time, perhaps). Anyway, I was very eager to avoid returning to a traditional school setting, so my older sister and I somehow convinced my parents to try homeschooling us for a year.

The homeschooling was short-lived; the next year, I returned to public school, and I remained a part of the traditional academic environment until my sophomore year of high school, which I will probably talk about in a future post. The important takeaway here is that I was homeschooled for sixth grade, and during that time, I was required by my parents to take a picture of something and write a blog post about it every day. I would take pictures of random objects and rooms in my house and write about them. On days when I couldn’t think about what to write, I would eloquently describe exactly how bored I was and why I hated school. On other days, I would write about things I was passionate about; everything from stop motion animation and designing video games to parkour and RuneScape. I was a RuneScape addict, by the way. I wrote a six part blog post of almost 10,000 words total about RuneScape. It was basically as close as I could have gotten to writing a PhD thesis in sixth grade.

Unfortunately, many of the posts are very whiny and cringeworthy, because that’s how I was in middle school, so I will not be publishing the link to the unfiltered blog here. I will, however, publish my favorite posts because blogging was a significant part of my life at the time and I think people who know me would be like the opportunity to read and make fun of the things I wrote as a kid.

Despite my complaints about the torturous ordeal of writing blog posts from within those same blog posts, I came away with a mild fondness for stream of thought writing. I tried to get back into it several times, but never fully committed. This is yet another attempt of mine to become fully committed and post on a semi-regular basis about things going on in my life, as well as my personal history. I also hope this blog serves a dual purpose as a portfolio of sorts, where I can talk about cool projects I have worked on.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you love all of my shit.