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  • Multirotors

    my quadcopter It has been pretty long since I posted, but between academics and wedding planning (I’m getting married in less than two weeks!), I’ve been pretty stressed out and have not found the time to write. But fear not, for I have finally gotten around to making another post. I am trying to get at least one blog post out for each Cool Thing (TM) I’ve worked on so I can put a “portfolio” with links to all the posts on my front page. Today’s Cool Thing is multirotors!

  • My First Ludum Dare Experience

    It shouldn’t be surprising that the side projects I am most proud of are games. Three such games I have worked on were made in Ludum Dares. Ludum Dare is a game development competition, very similar to a hackathon if you are familiar with that kind of thing. The Ludum Dare occurs three times a year, and there is a “competition” and a “jam”. The week before the Dare, users vote on a theme that all games must relate to in some way. For the competition, each contestant must develop a game alone in 48 hours. Every resource (art, music, etc…) must be created within those 48 hours. The code for the game must also be open source. The jam is more lenient. Jam contestants can work in teams and have 72 hours. They can also use assets like art and music that were created before the Ludum Dare starts, as long as they have the legal right to use those assets.

  • Developer Origins

    Like literally every single person in the history of computer science, I got started programming because I wanted to make video games. Joking aside, once I went to dinner with various developers and designers I worked with at BitPay. A quick survey revealed that well over half of us originally learned to program because we wanted to make video games, so even if that isn’t how literally every single person in the history of computer science got started, I’d bet money that a statistically significant portion got started that way.

  • Hello

    Damn… It’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. When I was eleven or twelve, I was homeschooled for a year. I had just spent the previous year living in Dakar, Senegal with my family (a story for another time, perhaps). Anyway, I was very eager to avoid returning to a traditional school setting, so my older sister and I somehow convinced my parents to try homeschooling us for a year.